Cheryl Cole's Tattoo Artist Reveals Full Rose Butt Tattoo On Instagram

Cheryl Cole's Tattoo Artist Reveals Full Rose Butt Tattoo On Instagram

The rumors have been flying for months about who could joining the cast for this Real Housewives of Beverly Hills to fill the empty places left by Camille Grammer, Adrienne Maloof, and Marisa Zanuck. Most recently, made reported that Carlton Gebbia and Joyce Giraud would have been two from the new faces and today, one was as good as powerful.


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Apparently excited for the film, Johnson has not too long ago posted a real video coming from the set via instagram. Inside of video he's getting into position for one scene once the prop supervisor gets pranked. We can't see Johnson's body, but we have perceived he's wearing a slightly different top from one he wears in photographs on one side.


Cheryl Cole has always admitted as being a tattoo lover, but she's apparently over and done with them. "I'm done with tattoos - it's my final another one." After 15 hours, that's probably how she feels right now, but can be if Cheryl, who was ranked Hardly any. 2 in the 100 Sexiest Women that is known in 2006.and No. 8 in that same poll in 2008, decides for more ink. married in San Diego on October. 14. Cell phones were not allowed at wedding ceremony to ensure privacy, but James been recently far more forthcoming with photos off of the honeymoon.


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