Hummingbird Loans Peer To Peer Lending - Emerging Industry

Hummingbird Loans Peer To Peer Lending - Emerging Industry

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For individuals seeking a loan for the reasons of debt consolidation, auto loan, student loan, small business loan or any other personal hummingbird loans direct lenders for installment loans, there is a new option of funding through peer to peer lending. This option is relativity new and has become a completely separate industry. It is growing at a fast pace and for many people find it services a need not easy filled by other options.

The idea is based in person to person lending and is much like lending family members or a friend money. The bank involved acts to connect individuals who want to engage in lending or borrowing. For the borrowers, the bank helps find lenders. For the lenders, it does all the due diligence on borrowers such as a credit check and handles collection of payment. The credit checks have the purpose to reduce risk to the individual lenders and assign a max amount the borrower can get and sometimes the interest rate on a loan. 

Why do borrowers love peer to peer lending? There are several benefits. The first reason why, it is most commonly used is debt consolidation. It often gets a lower rate than other forms of consolidation and at the term of the hummingbird loans tribal loans with installment loans the debt is completely paid off. The second reason is it is easy to seek funding. If trying to start a business, a business loan is very difficult to get from your local bank and if denied the person has to go bank to bank. With peer to peer loans, lenders often find you. There is a bit of selling your loan in the market place, but it is available for funding to thousands of potential lenders. Third, the interest rate is often lower than other forms of personal hummingbird loans installment loan direct lender bad credit. Peer to peer loans reported by Lending Club, a peer to peer lending site, have an interest rate starting at 6%. This depends on your credit standing. In comparison, a credit card is usually around 10% to 20% interest and can go as high as 30%. Furthermore, the rate is set and not subject to change like a credit card. 

Why do lenders love peer to peer lending? The biggest reason is return. The rate of return, reported by Lending Club, ranges from 6% to 19%. This is extremely high rate of return in any investment. The second reason is actions taken to reduce default by peer to peer websites like Lending Club such as the initial credit screening. They list the default rate at just above 2%. This is low considering these loans are unsecure, meaning there is no collateral backing the loan. To further curb the risk, lenders are not allowed to fund just one loan with their capital. They must spread it out among several loans as to diversify their risk. 

There are several other reasons and many could be personal to the individual lender or borrower as to why people love peer to peer lending. Its history is relatively short and for the most part unknown. The trend of growth in peer to peer lending will not slow for sometime as more people discover this alternative method of investment and credit.